Keef & Linda’s wedding.

Spent most of yesterday recovering from Geek Trek (more later).

About 2pm started getting my act together and after donning the designer white linen shirt and trousers, which kept me both stylish and cool, headed off to catch the train.

At the train station bumped into nikkyboy, dreadtemujin, Heather,gillywoo glennkenobi and deputy_dug. Spent an anxious fifth teen minutes or so waiting for a train, since several were cancelled/delayed. This was a knock on of Wednesday’s nonsense and both Leeds and York had a larger Police presence than usual.

Got to an obsencely sunny York 20 mins before kick off so jumped across town to the venue. The Merchant’s Adventurer’s Hall was a spenledid venue for the happy day. All oak beams, pictures of men (and women) with beards and starched clothes from ye olden days.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and after a quick photo session it was back inside for the wedding Breakfast. This was a marvellous Lebanese affair, which as a veggy I really liked. Monster radishes and olives. mmmmn olives……

After speeches and a cake made of a mound of profitroles it was downstairs to the reception disco, DJed by Wendyhouse djs nikkyboy,gillywoo & glennkenobi. An excletic mix of beats and music which can only be described as pure cheese was played and some one in the ensemble asked them to turn it down!!. Sat outside in the gardens with our littlerachcat for a while since she had been at work or day (as she has been today, tommorrow all the way up to Wendesday eeck!). As the sun went down watched the bats come out of the hall roof, flying & diving madly for their free lunch of summer insects.

a ton of people at the bar!Caught up with a ton up people. Met bitvacuous properly . We’ve met before at my own wedding a year ago, but that was a bit fuzzy. Talked about the joys of cats!

I only danced once in the whole evening, a rather energtic Slam dance to Battlestar Galalttica with the groom. Picture two fat blokes flying through the air. As keefybabe said after wards, “I think I’m slightly sweaty now!”

Then all too soon it was time to go home, so after goodbyes it was back in the car, with Foz and a delightfully drunk Mandy in back, to Leeds.

A great wedding, and one that was highly entertaining.

Here’s to Mr & Mrs Baker!

There’s MORE PHOTOS on my website

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