Tis a Fun Day.

The sun is shining outside in Manchester and I’m back playing my own game after getting involved in other people’s games at work (which are characterised by the words, arrogance , bullshit, and academic fluffy headed boss).

The weekend was a grand relaxing one. Went to see Oceans Twelve on Saturday Night with Giles and Ness who were in chipper if slightly subdued form after a very boozy Friday night. The film was entertaining nonsense and while not as dire as some critics have made out, it wasn’t as slick as the first one, relying a bit more on belly laughs produced by the banter between the characters.

Sunday was another play with Linux day, with the emphasis being on finding a working web design tool. There doesn’t seem to be anything to rival the mighty Dreamweaver MX, but there were packages which do bits much better. Bluefish for scripting and NVU for HTML design. Also installed a Wiki for my upcoming RQ Pavis and Big Rubble game. The idea being that people contribute locations, items, characters and adventure plots for a free rooming game. Not much to see at the moment but here it is PAVISWIKI.

Monday was full of fun and games of the bosses looking over the school website redesign, making lots of suggestions which leave the project after 3 hours of meetings….EXACTLY THE SAME. I came home and snuggled up with Rach, who is on nights until Friday.

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