The House of the Eagle

I’m currently finishing this wonderful book about the Ptolemies , the Greek Pharoahs of Egypt, by Duncan Sprott. The first part of a quartet of books, it deals with the founder Ptolemy I, who is one of the sucessor generals who inherit the empire of Alexander the Great, and his immeadiate heirs. Narratated by Thoth the Egyptian god of Magic and Knowledge, the writing style is simliar to Robert Graves’I Claudius and at first a bit difficult to take in, but I gradually warmed to it. I’m in the last couple of chapters and its striking me that the book is less about the historical story of Ptolmey and his children, but the differences between the Greek invaders ( who are brash arrogant, very much the Yuppies of the Ancient world) and the Egyptians ( who are calm, very socialist, mystical and a have a society based upon ‘Maat’ a principal of right action governed by the heart/feelings).

I picked this book up a couple of weeks ago at a charity shop and I will be geniunely sad to finish it. I feel the comparisons to Robert Graves I Cladius (another one of my all time favs) is well deserved. If you like well written historical fiction pick up this book

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