Iron Maiden Weekend

After a couple of busy previous weekends I was due for a quiet one. For some reason my mind woke up on Friday morning with the instruction ‘ this weekend is Iron Maiden weekend’. Not willing to argue with instructions from the depths of my subconscious, I decided to revisit my heavy metal youth.
Let the games commence!

Friday night: Science fiction film night!

You only have to see the cover of Somewhere in Time to see that Maiden are big sci-fi fans so Friday night was spent watching Minority Report while supping Maiden endorsed London Pride and ESB beer. I’ve seen Minority Report before and it’s in my opinion the best sci-fi film in the last ten years or so. Admittedly Mr. Spielberg nearly borks it with the “everyone lives happily ever after (except the baddie)” ending, but the twisted Phillip K Dick story shines through. Rachel was also suitably impressed, which was cool since she normally likes Rom-com films.

Saturday: The website of the Beast

More back to back Maiden hits and general air guitar nonsense along with a bit of web surfing and online gaming. Number of the Beast is probably my favourite Maiden album, a cracking chugging album with Bruce wailing all over the place and cheesy satanic theme. Would the website of the Beast be similarly inspirational? the truth was much more shocking!

I spent some time browsing the Official Iron Maiden website. Very nicely done both technically and content wise. Especially nice are the band member profiles which are written by another member of the band.

Sunday: Running Free

Ok so only a tenuous link with Bruce and the boys here, but apparently Steve Harris likes to surf the net after a show, and Maiden have a freedom loving theme running through their songs.

After spending most of Saturday cleaning up my hard disc (90 Gb to 26 Gb!!!) finally partitioned my hard drive to install Linux (SUSE 9.2 to be precise). Took most of the morning, mainly because of the moving the windows data during partitioning process. I was very glad I did the clean up! The install of SUSE (the distribution that I use of a cover disc of Linux Format magazine) was clean and efficient, only taking about twenty minutes and coming with literally hundreds of applications. I then spent the rest of the day fiddling about installing free software and enjoying much improved quality on my DVD (see below) and MP3 playback.

Overall verdict. Even though it’s early days already performance wise I’m a fan. Need to find a HTML editor that does the job, but Open office seems to happily replace (and be compatible) with Office. Still keeping a duel boot for my games, but this may change as I get Linux friendly games (such as Unreal Tournament 2004) working and check out windows emulators such as wine and Gedega.

“I am not a Prisoner, I’m a free man”
Watched “Free for All” my favourite episode of the Maiden endorsed* cult Sixties show The Prisoner. Like much of the series I found it very topical even forty years on. Scarily so in the run up to our elections, since this episode all about Democracy. Also brought up happy fuzzy memories of mine and Rach’s visit to Port Merrion (it’s bigger than it is on TV!”) during our 2003 North Wales holiday .

(*see track 3 on Number of the Beast.)

Favourite Quotes
No2. “You thinking of running?”
No6 “Like blazes, first chance I get.”

No6 “You have a delicate sense of humour
No2 “Humour is the very essence of a democratic society

Overall I had a fun time. Reality is more fun when you play with it.

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