Oh happy day….

Well this morning my body broke. Woke up after a restless night of cats waking me and Rach up, feeling well spaced out. Not in a nice way I might add. So seeing this as a sign that the cold that has been knocking on the door for the a last couple of weeks had finally caught up with me, prompty rang in sick. The rationale being that I really need to recharge the batteries in light of all the meetings I have this week (one per day, phase 2 of web site redevelopment).

Caught up with my kip, then surfed the net and played some Counter-strike. Then Rach got back from Uni and whizzed me off to Crown Point. More prints of the Wedding Photos (which Rach reckons we have 500 photos of!!!) plus I put in some of my negatives from the last 10 years (oh yes tremble mortals, coming to my webspace mucho soon)

To be cont

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