The gaps between entries are becoming longer and longer. This is because life is getting more hectic.

Last Friday went to see my brother George in Sheffield. Had a good time and drunk way too much and stayed up way too late (3:30am). Like you do when you are 25,The night ended with me barking at a 40 year old drama queen, called Michael, who was winding me up something rotten. A twit of the magnitude of Marcus, for those of you who remember that loser. Good to see George, but less beer and more quality brother time next visit.

The rest of the weekend was pretty duhhhh because of Friday’s late night malarkey, but I wrote some HeroQuest, chilled with Rach who like George had her birthday on Sunday.

I’ve recently thrown myself into work, which is nice but a bit sudden, so this is one of the reasons I’ve been quiet on the LJ front. Had a change of pace today and yesterday when I went on a marvellous web programming training course, which has really fired me up to do some coding.

Right must bugger off and catch the train home.

Talk to you later.

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