ARRRGHHHHHHH!!! This makes me want to give up drinking Beer

So I get into Manchester Piccadilly train station and troll across the platform to the main foyer. Once there I am bombarded by adverts for this filth Michelob Ultra, a beer that sells itself on being low on carbs low on calories. Yuk!

First we had alcohol for people who don’t t like the taste of alcohol, alcopops in the 90s, now we have this beer that deliberately panders to the Atkins obsessed dunderhead. Come on people don’t t live in denial. If you drink beer you will get fat! That’s what its meant to do. Mark my words you can not have your cake and eat it. If you want to lose weight cut down or cut out the beer.

All this media blitz was missing was the skinny blonde bimbos in Michellob Ultra caps giving out leaflets and free samples. Which was a shame, since I could have had a good rant.

Oh well to cheer myself up here’s some links to a couple of my favourite brews (which I currently drink in moderation)

Ruddles County
Anything by the Black Sheep brewery

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