A little bit of blue and a little bit of red

My overall exuberance began to get a bit coloured over the last couple of days.

Had a bit of a disaster last Friday, in that I left my wallet on the traiin home!! Doh, so of I rush home to cancel all my cards. Once that was out the way I was relieved but knackered.

The weekend was relaxing but over way too soon.

Yesterday, felt slightly blue. For no apparent reason. Didn’t really feel myself until I had a nice refreshing bath.

This morning out of nowhere I was angry. Partially because I’m getting back into webprogramming, which is immensely frustrating when things don’t work out. However i’ve got the patience to see it through and the sense to bugger off and go and do something else. Quite offen this approach works magically with the problem being solved as soon as I look at it. Calmed myself down by reading Rock Sound in WHSmiths at lunch, and laughing at the sad rock stars who’s shenigans are detailed within its pages.

Rach has finally got her exam and essay out of the way today (in fact she should be at home dozzing away as I type this), so things should be happier at home.

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