The last couple of days

I’ve had a peaceful New Year.

Me and Rach stayed in on NYE. Enjoyed a pizza and watched Jack Black’s film School of Rock, which like er..Rocked Dude!! I drank a very large bottle of Old Speckled Hen in my very large 2pint pot, but that was the limit of my hell raising.

To kinda make up for the lack of painting the town red went round Ginger Matt’s last night. Drank a little bit and watched a couple of films. Found myself falling asleep at 1am. Woke up drank coffee and chatted about the coming year, which I plan to be incredible! Especially noteworthy since GM is moving down to Cardiff Wales due to work. He will be missed, but he’s certainly fallen on his feet work wise 🙂

Geniunely sad that the festive season is over. Its been good to slack off and enjoy myself.

Tommorrow although not back at work until Wednesday, I start the New Year’s work……(more to follow).

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