Back from XMAS

Well I’ve actually been back from XMAS for two days now, but been keeping my head down recovering from it.

XMAS itself was good 🙂 Went to the inlaws on XMAS eve, had a lazy one of reading, watching TV, playing cards and monopoly, eating and drinking heartly. Then came back the day after boxing day (Monday afternoon).

Got a stack of presents, which was surprising seeing how little we all spent on each other (both me and Rach had a £40 limit)

6 contemporary history books, modern authors on subjects as wide ranging from Byzantine to Communism.

I Claudius- at last I’ve wanted this for years!! The Beebs classic 70s adaptation of Robert Graves’ book about the family life of the early Roman Emperors. A Soap opera with murder. I’m a big fan of the books (I Claudius and Claudius the God). This is a perfect adaptation.

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy- Another classic BBC drama, this time an adaptation of John Le Carre’s Spy novel of the same title. Read the book earlier this year (which has been a big Le Carre year for me) and the TV series stays faithful to it. Sir Alec Guiness is spooky as Smiley (the main character).

A huge pepper mill. You know when you go to Italian resturants and they have the most hummongous pepper pots known to man. Now so do I.

Jonthan Strange and Mr Norrell- Saw this one in Waterstones. It came with an endorsement from Neil Gaiman so I had a quick read. Liked it and put it on my list. Set in the early 19th century when England is at war with Napeleon. There is a strong tradition of English Magic, which at the start of the book has died out about a century before. The only magicians left are those who study it but can not do it, such as the York Society. Then they discover a living magician, Mr Norrell who makes the statues of York Minister talk. As well as this fantastic story the author also writes in the style of the time which adds to the suspention of disbelief. The best fantasy book I’ve read in years!!!

The only downside is that Mum has taken a huff since neither me or George came home this year and has taken her phone off the hook!!!
However I’m drawing a line here and not letting her issues upset me or ruin one of the best XMAS’s I’ve had for years.

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