A quiet weekend

Had a lovely quiet weekend just gone. Apologies to anyone who I said that I would be out to play, but I was just shattered.
Its not a symptom that I’m getting old, I’ve always had a long history of trying to do much and then ending up drained. Recent history has been especially hectic. Even though home life has been calming down after the wedding, settling into this new job and the long communte has taken more out of me than I expected.

So from now on, its calm and steady all the way.

Apart from spending time with Rach, of which the Equestrian Camels where the highlight of the otherwise dull TV, I met up with Doug on Friday night for a few cheeky beers in the Favensham. The music was nicely funky and I tried a couple of nice new lagers. Also rang Cabbage to congratutlate him on handing in his PhD thesis (only taken him 5 years!!!)

On the work related front, only three days to go until I break up. I’m going to keep quiet and finish off a few things. Then if I have time I’ll playwith various bits and pieces on the website. The challenge is to get these things done, not merely mess about until School’s out.

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