Well today has suddenly picked up in the second half. Spent this morning feeling nausous from the back strain I suffered last Friday morning (oh the joy of being overweight), Then it cleared up miraclously after lunch and wayhey off we go. Got lots of work done and a really clear picture of what needs to be done next. This job ( is the biggest task I have ever had and since my boss is very hands off (which is a relief) I sometimes get overwhelmed by it.

It certainly helped that I rediscovered LJ, the wonderful bright orange look of my journal really brightens up my day 🙂 Its a good start for all manner of webnonsense I’ve got lined up

Just had a nice journey home and I’m back in time to play some HL2 and do some Roleplaying writing. Which is just as well since I’m running a GURPS 4th Ed this saturday at Dragonmeet in London.

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