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Karma catches up…

I always meant to do a post about some of the issues we had with the Building Company  during our house extension a couple of years ago.  Mainly as an exercise in self-exorcism and in as a minor act of revenge, since I fully intended on naming and shaming. This last part never really sat well with me, so I never did it.  Short version: builders who did the work were ace and did a high quality job, but the boss of the company who PMed the work was a dickhead and couldn’t Project Manage his way out of a paper bag which lead to problems with the work he subcontracted out.

Every couple of months I do a internet search to keep tags on what’s going on with them.  I just did one today and found out that they went into liquidation over the summer.  Shocked , because I hope the chaps who worked on the house are ok, but not surprised because of the way that the company was being run (very much gone from being a small one project at a time to multiple projects with the same resources).