The Big Weekend pt 2

Did bugger all on Saturday, except after uploading the latest patch for Half-life spent alot of my time playing the Gathering Mod,which has Bot support, and alsorts of loopy super powers, plus models from Star Wars & the Aliens Films, check it out at.

During the evening stayed in, because frankly I was knacked. Played more HL and drank beer, before gonig to bed at 1.

Sunday woke up on the crest of a wave, and whizzed about getting alsorts of things done. Did tons of housework, set up a e-group for the Roleplaying project I am working on with 4 others, updated the Eurolog site and did some writing for the RPG project (Character Types)

Probably abit too hyper and didn’t go to bed until 1am, after a lengthy discussion with the mirror about some minor issue (bloody carparking rota) at work that is really bugging me.

Up & Down: Heave ho me hearties

Today was weird. Got up early to get ahead at work, I was a bit behind, only to find Darth Stevens was chilled out and easy about the work situation. Little Bother Boy (aka The Section head) was back today, adn ready to take on the world. YAY NOT. Me and Darth where summoned for a telling off, about the little spat we had two week over carkparking vai e-mail. It was very much “you don’t show my section up like that infront of the rest of the branch”. Darth then went for a meeting, and I was summoned in for a chat about work, and it turned out that LBB was concerned that I was being left on my own to do carparking, which I have been. Darth then latter took me to one side to talk about LBB outburst. Seems there seems to be some sort of personality clash going on between these two. I shall avoid. Still gave me some of the most intense 20 miniutes of my life, faithfull viewers.

Other than that had a fairly unproductive day. Oh yes and Claire, who looks as straight as a die, is turning out to be aright weirdo. Thiings are getting very Marx brothers, here.

Came home and had a huge sofa doze, about two hours, after a very satisfying tea. Then surfed a bit and now going to do some more writing.

The Big weekend of Me!

Yup the Big Weekend of Me (BWM!) has begun. Currently in the last phases of bloke time, before the good Lady of Smethurst wakes up and demands her morning hugs. Couples eh?

Have already rekindled my love of Half-life, after months away in unreal Tournament land. UT may have smoother graphics better sound, excellent Bots, but it lacks a certain something……..SOUL! Downloading the latest patch for Half-life and then going to emabark upon a career as a HL mapper yay! This could lead to bigger things……

Had a bit of a grouch session about work unexpectaly when I had a few bevvies. The Lady Smethurst was a gem and patiently listened adviced, and suggested. have now decided to put in for a level transfer at work, for no matter what happens with the masters, I need to get out of my present section. The manaics are going to do third wave PMS pilots and it going to be at least three times as much work, even if we are on the ball, than last year which was a bitch. Darth Stevens already looks 5 years older.

So BMW! is well underway. Today I think I will focus on my games design stuff, whihc involves learning how to design Maps for HL, putting together a Game Design for a driving game I want to do, and an RPG Adventure for the Convention that I’m going to next weekend.

See ya later!


Had a really chilled out day, connected with everything, feeling everything.

More alive than I have ever felt before. Extreme levels of focus and dissassiocation available at my whim.

Work continued to be pleasant. Hummed along on a nice buzz left over from the red wine the previous night.

Then went over to me mates Claire (aka The Lady of Misrule). She was still at work, but I chated with her housemate Alison and Petra who had just popped round after work.

Then Lady M turned up half alive (as goths do). Many profound things were chewed over in conversational form, which I don’t remember here….at present, and then Lady Rach came and picked me upa dn complained bitterly about me being a smelly hippy.

The refreshing qualities of Sleep

Today has been great. Probably because I have had my first good night’s sleep in two weeks, or possibly more.

Work was almost light hearted. Got one task that has been dragging on for ages out of the way.

Got home to find that Madasafish had moved my Website to a faster server hoorah!!!!

Also people are begining to wake up at Eurollog (European League of Gamers) and things seem to be starting to get done.

The wind appears to be in may sails again…..lets hope it lasts for the time being.


Good morning.

Still recovering from The Lost Weekend in London, two weekends ago.

Work was hard but rewarding. Felt like total shit, but got everything planned. basically got to put my head down and get the basics done. Lots of spreadsheets to short out. Fortuneatly we have a new Admin Assistant. Felt rotten about dumping a load of filing on her today, and Darth Stevens ( the boss) took the mikey, but if it clears the mess that is taking over every available space then I’m going to do more of this sort of dumping from a great height. At the end of the day too tired to do achieve much, but made a start.

Good choice not to post anything earlier from work, since you would have got some really weird stuff.

Stocked up with food at the supermarket after work, felt very couply and had dangerous but heart warming thoughts when I saw the small children running around. Don’t worry I’ll have a cold bath and get back to the harsh reality of being a pushy career person later. Until let me induldge myself in the fantasy of hearty dad. I’ll be 30 in just over a year you know…maybe I better start wearing open toed sandles.

Got home and fell asleep after a nutrious tea of Crunchy nut cornflakes and Pizza, for a couple of hours.

Gonna surf, perhaps do some more journal entries then have an early night. 🙂

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