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2013 a quiet year

So here we two weeks into 2014, and 2013 has quietly slipped away.

2013 was a year of high and lows, mainly lows turned into Win (which taught me a useful lesson or two).  It was a quiet year partially because of my mother in law, Elaine, getting breast cancer, but also because as a family we were finally settling into the house after the extension. A process that was six months to late in my opinion.  On the positive side I got a much brighter perspective on Life the Universe and Everything – in  a big picture way that was the Big Win of 2014.

So here’s a year in bullet points!

  • My mother in law,Elaine, having breast cancer, which she gracefully overcome 🙂 (Feb-June)
  • Conpulsion gaming convention(Apr) had a grand time, but it really is to far to travel
  • Toby Tickletail the cat joining the family (May)
  • Our two week Norfolk holiday staying Nr Cromer (Aug)
  • Furnace gaming convention. Way-hey Furnace! My perfect gaming convention was perfection this year :D(Oct)

Reality is fixing itself….

I continue to let go of things that no longer have a happy influence on my life, like a balloonist chucks out ballast as he rises into the sky.

Three specific issues have quietly been resolved through letting go recently.

One was drawing a line under my dad’s financial affairs. For me this was admitting that they were left in a mess, we’ve done as much to sort them out as possible ( when I really shouldn’t have got involved ), out of care for my late-father (who quite frankly left us with aforementioned mess) and that a year on WE ARE NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS FINANCES! Any one who thinks either me or mother are, can go talk to our solicitor 😛

Remember the mess in the Garden, i.e. the popped capstones and buried concrete that I whined on about in my Spring update post ? Well I’ve politely but firmly dismissed the Numpty Builders. After being lied to point blank over what was happening by Head Numpty Builder, I decided that despite it incurring a small cost (in the scheme of things) that I’d rather hire a local builder to do the work. Although rain has stopped play over the last couple weeks, as soon as the sun shines its going to get fixed and hopefully by mid summer we’ll be sat out in the garden fully enjoying it 🙂

Some times you don’t necessarily get to choose the timing of things, but just have to gracefully get on with it. Fortunately I had seen this one coming a good six months in advance, so everything was prepared for one of D101’s writers to say that he no longer wanted me to publish his book. Frankly he’s been playing a passive aggressive game of control with me since just before its publication and that increased after it came out as he felt that I wasn’t doing enough to promote his book. If you look back at my blog entries the last couple of years have been very strained for me and he was lucky the book got out at all!  Suffice to say I’m actually happy at this ending and it really makes me value more the friends who graciously help to various degrees with D101 Games.

I’m expecting this process to continue, as blocks and debris get cleared.  Some will be planned and some will pop up as a initially unpleasant surprise!  But its all good in the end and taking me to a higher place 🙂

My father’s Eulogy

Just been cleaning up some files from PC when I found this my father’s Eulogy. Written by my mother, myself and my brother George which was read out just over a year ago at his funeral at Sunderland Crematorium. Why I’m I posting it here? Well as a sort of closure for myself and also should any of dad’s friends from various points of his life wonder what happened to him.

Derek Newport 1941-2012

“Derek was born in Norfolk to Edna and Fred Newport and lived in the village of Hockwold Cum Wilton with his brothers Robert, David, and sister Catherine. He had a countryside childhood, working on farms during the summer and playing football with his brothers.

Derek was physically strong person with a vital personality. He was a keen cyclist all his life and prior to going to college was Nolfolk County sprint champion on several occasions. He was a supporter of Norwich City Football club, and on one occasion while he was at college went as far as cycling from Manchester to Liverpool to watch them play at Anfield. He enjoyed following sport all his life and in particular athletics. He took great pleasure when his son George ran for Tynedale Harriers and Northumberland at a junior level travelling the county supporting him.

He had a keen intellect. He went to Thetford Grammar School, where he developed a keen interest in history, which passed onto his son Paul along with a clear understanding of the fundamentals of maths and Science. In the late 1950s he went to Salford Technical College (now The University of Salford) to study Electrical Engineering, and was inspired by some of the early pioneers of modern electronics and technology who taught him. He worked with some of the early computers and he passed this inspiration on to Paul who now works in Computing. It was during this period that he met his future wife, Olive.

After graduating he had a career as a Sales Engineer, negotiating multi-million pound contracts for British Engineering Firms such as Marconi, Hawker Sydney and Rolls Royce, travelling to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Far East. Derek was especially fond of Thailand, and loved the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the country. He briefly visited during his working life but went there on holiday after his retirement taking time to visit old friends he had made on business as well as exploring the country more fully.

He had a good tenor voice and a great love of a wide variety of music, in particular jazz. He enjoyed singing and was a member of Hexham Male Voice choir for many years. He took part in a performance at the Sage in 2010.

Despite separating from Olive, in the early 2000s, he remained very supportive of her, Paul and George. He helped to make Paul’s wedding to Rachel in 2006 a harmonious and happy day. Shortly after he became a proud grandfather in 2007 when Evelyn was born to Paul and Rachel and again in 2009 when they had Henry. He admired both children’s strong spirit, and was especially looking forward to teaching Henry how to play football.

He spent the last years of his life in Collingwood Court in Marlborough Park. Here he made many good friends. Derek served on the resident’s committee and he was particularly proud that of the improvements that he and his fellow committee members were able to make during the time he was on it. Paul was especially touched when Derek’s neighbour Bobby said of him “He always has time for anyone, is a complete gentleman and has done so much for others as a committee member”.

He will be greatly missed by all of us.”

Here’s Spring!

Finally Spring is here in the glorious and fantastic way that its meant to be. The whole Winter dragging on thing, kinda put the garden into suspended animation of which it came out of in all its flower bursting open glory last week.

Still keeping my head down due to BIG AWFUL FAMILY THING which isn’t all that awful because its being handled with a great deal of grace. But it turns out that isn’t such a bad thing since I’m catching up with a number of things

A new avenue of interesting stuff has opened up within my role at work which is cool and what us curious and inquisitive IT types live for 🙂 Shame the journey in and out (one and a quarter to two hours each way) is such an arse. Thankfully the new(ish) Nexus 7 is acting as a worthy Kindle replacement, now with added Pdf capacity, alongside my long-standing Ipod Classic for tunes.

The kids are blossoming, both are eating all that is put before them, even Henry who is Britain’s slowest eater because of his enlarged tonsils. Evie has just hit 6, and is a bright sparky, artistic and athletic ( two days of Gymnastics a week ) young girl. As more of Henry’s vocal bits get switched on, it gets rammed home what a little extrovert we have on our hands (and none of our other family members are extrovert – so its a bit of an eye opener) and quite funny and cheeky with it.

Well and truly settled into the house now, which means its going to be full steam ahead on sorting out the rooms that weren’t given a fresh start by the extension. The late arrival of growing season is a boon, for the garden is somewhat of a mess. Turns out the Landscape Gardeners, who the main Builders subcontracted , didn’t do a very good job. A good number of wall capstones and stairs paving stones have come loose as the mortar holding them on has disintegrated during the heavy autumn/winter rains. Oh and add on top of this the fact that THEY BURIED the old concrete paths and garden beds at the top of the garden beneath the new top soil (which was too shallow anyway). I’ve been chasing the Clowns to sort it out for about a month now, and while the Main Builder has been making all the right noises it hasn’t been fixed yet 🙁 I know from dealing with them last year, after they had declared ‘we’ve finished!’ (back in Feb) and left us with a Snagging list made up of unfinished work, that things will take ages to sort now that we are not giving them money hand over fist. (Moral of story, never give Builders their final payment until they have done all of the work to your satisfaction). Despite me going on at great length I’m actually quite certain that it will get fixed, sooner rather than later, because I’ve become a lot more calmly assertive mainly from dealing with the Numpty builders. So thank you Numpty builders 😀

D101 trundles on. This time last year I was barely at the wheel and didn’t know where I was going with it. Now I’m firmly back at the helm and about to create a bunch of pleasing abundance. Its nearly its 5th Birthday and we are nearly at title number 25 🙂 OpenQuest 2 is my main job at the moment and nearly done, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it 🙂

Overall there’s a real sense of healing going on in my life at the moment, a year later than I had originally hoped but its ace to be finally in that place 🙂

Still I rise

So its officially still winter, despite  almost spring like conditions last weekend. The small Newtlet family is currently hammered by colds and related illnesses. The good lady Rachel is currently asleep pumped full of antibiotics to combat tonsillitis. Our Henry, usually a climbing blur of motion, sits quietly on the sofa and Evie is somewhat fragile  after a bout of the latest.  Myself I’ve managed not to have a day off since last September. Its weird I’m suffering the physical effects of the various ‘breathing diseases’ as I call them, in fact I reckon I’ve had a cold pretty constantly since last September, which was the last time I had any time off work. In fact this was when I decided I wasn’t going to have any more time off work – which has been the case. Proof of mind over matter, or at least bloody mindness 😉

So in between falling asleep and brief bouts of fever, I’ve been quietly getting on with things. Not so much that you can measure ‘achievements’ but mainly doing the work to put things in place. Its a seasonal thing. Winter is a time  for introspection and planning. Spring planting, Summer growing and plans coming to fruition. Autumn the harvest. Rinse, repeat.

Soon it be 2013!

I’m looking forward to 2013, with a small amount of excitement and trepidation in equal measure.2012 has been a game of two halves. Real suckage upto about May/June, followed by a period of recovery over the summer, and then a steady rise and regeneration over the last part of the year. I now end the year much much wiser and dare I say it ‘realised’ than at the beginning.

The best thing about this is that I’m back in the driving seat of my life 🙂 The worst thing is realising that I’ve spent the best part of my 41 years fulfilling the wishes and dreams of other people (mainly the path set down of bettering my self according to my parents middle class expectations).  From here on in its up to me to find my own way, while still remaining harmonious with those around me.  2012 was enough of a training ground on that front so with a bit of sensitivity it should be really easy to achieve this 🙂

A small hint (excuse me if this gets a bit ‘metaphysical’) about what 2012/2013 is about as far I as I perceive it at this current time. We have entered the Aeon of Horus well and truly. Subtly behind the scenes things are rearranging themselves. Information moves from other dimensions into this one, changing from immaterial thought forms to the physical, Learn to tune in and work with this flow to your and other’s advantage. Recognise there is no US or THEM, and those who seek to divide the One that is the Many have already lost. They are like a chicken without a head, squawking and desperately trying to impose their twisted vision upon the world in the dying moments of their attempt of Total Control. They employ methods that in the current Aeon will simply become less and less effective.

Remember be Awesome to one another, and make this Reality full of Win 🙂