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Holy Mother of………


All the cool kids on the block have been going about this band. At the Drive in, two of the members’ previous band, gradually grew upon me (kinda like Fugazi at their strangest, it was very hyped at the time of release and I picked it very cheap). So thought I’ld check them out.

I’m Listening to their lastest album Frances the Mute and having my mind blown away. Funk, punk, prog, strings, soft and soaring vocals. Quick and easy comparision; Led Zepplin in a car crash with Radio Head,Funkadelic and the MC5.


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My Top 10 Rock/Metal Albums of 2004

1. Mastodon-Leviathan
2. Biffy Clyro-Infinity Land
3. Helmet-Size Matters
4. Dillinger Escape Plan-Miss Machine
5. Capt Claypool’s Bucketfull of Bernie Brains-The Big Eyeball in the Sky
6. Auf der Maur- Auf Der Maur
7. Rammstein- Reise, Reise
8. Candira-That which does not kill you….
9. Neurosis- The Eye of Every Storm
10. Fear Factory- Archtype

Been bit of a fallow year for me personally in Rock/Metal. None of my major faves, Rollins, Devin Townsend, Queens of the Stone Age or Voivod have put out any recordings this year. In fact four most the bands on this top ten (1,2,4 & 8) where rooted out over the last couple of weeks in an effort to make the numbers up! I know I’m abit out of touch, but 2004 seems to have been the year of the “Best of Album”, Guns and Roses, Marilyn Manson, Korn… Anthrax even got in on the act by recording stuff off their first four albums !!

Saying that, Mastodon & Biffy Clyro were definate finds, with the added bonus that they are both touring in Feb 05. Well happy about that!

Heavy fuckin Metal

A spot of good sleep last night really helped my spirits to go up. Even when I got up this morning, and events started to proceed  as yesterday (late out, half awake zombie fighting through the train station,  just missed train etc) there was that slight “things are better today” up swing feeling to it all.

Got into work and have managed to sort out 200% more than I did yesterday, so things are looking up on that front as well.

Still feeling a tad drained, so I’m skipping tai-chi tonight (which frankly near killed me last week, seeing as our teacher had just come back from China, and trained us like they do over there eck!!). Nope more early nights and lavender baths for Mr Newt.

My Rawk oddyssey continued. If yesterday was the nice stuff, today I physically tracked down the stuff I came across on T’internet yesterday.

In Manchester’s friendly independent record shop the aptly named Roadkill records I picked up two releases that are definatly making it onto my top ten this year.

Mastodon’s Leviathan- a chugging heavy metal viking trip, loosely based upon the novel “Moby Dick”. How metal is that?!? Plus they are mates with Neurosis and Clutch (both whose singers guest on the album) which is an indication of quality in my book.  It was the video for Iron Tusk that sold me on them. Juvenile I know (but hey thats metal to a T), but people suspended by hooks and ugly men with beards and bad hair doing James Hetfield impressions how metal is that!!

The Dillinger Escape Plan– Miss Machine, was next on my hit list. Been keen on this one after listening to the preview tracks when it first came out, and the EP they did with Mike Patton on lead vocals. However was put off by the price, which the clowns at HMV are selling for 18 quid!!. However got both this and Mastodon’s masterpiece for the princely sum of 11 quid, and they are both the deluxe versions with the extra DVD !! Very smug I am I. Music wise other people can be more eloquent than I. All I can say its Jazz and Thrash in a car crash, put back together by a Nobel prize winner in Quantum physics.

Cracking stuff.

Must stop buying stuff now. Off to London this weekend……so the chances of that happening???

Album of the Week

Tool -Lateralus

The Pink Floyd of Grunge return with their new lp. More musically intricate but less dissmal than Aenima…oh flib-flob to all this comparison crap…just do your self a favour and check it out