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When people tell me how I should behave

…or even worse think, this song by the mighty No Means No starts playing though my head..

Here’s the Lyrics…

We should not make a fuss what would become of us
We should not
And that’s sad and that’s sad
We must hold on tight
Hold on with all our might all our might
And that’s sad
I demand what you should be in the name of decency
You’d do the same for me and that’s sad

No Means No – And That’s Sad

Been a lot of this recently mainly thorough the medium of Farcebook…and that’s Sad ๐Ÿ˜‰

In a similar vein…

Another Bloody Election

Here’s my thoughts on the current UK election.

It becomes ever clear to me that the ‘Government’ is not there for our benefit, but for the gain of the ruling class (who’ve been in place for much longer than you’d think). That their is no difference between the mainstream parties. That the minor parties (like UKIP and the Greens) are only there to distract and obfuscate from the elaborate parlor trick that is being played upon us.

I believe that the biggest thing that will come out of this election is that more people will decide to take control of their lives to the better and make changes to their own lives that benefit others around them, and that the current system will start to be come irrelevant as a result ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, post title nicked from a Killing Joke Song…from the aptly titled “Democracy” (which came out in 1996 one year prior to the 1997 UK election).

This one’s for Dad

Well three years to the day in the early hours (3am to be precise) I got the phone call from the Macmillan Nurse up in Sunderland that my father had passed away from lung cancer.

Now I could be all maudlin about this but instead I’m going to listen to this Stan Getz/Dizzy Gillespie concert, which opens with a rather manically upbeat version of “A Night in Tunisia”. Somewhere on a higher frequency, beyond our doors of perception, my dad is listening to it with me too ๐Ÿ™‚

Emerging from the clutter

Finally after a good year (or more) I can see 70% of the floor of my home office (formally the master bedroom before the extension). It took me a good three hours to clear a mountain of paper/cardboard and put things neatly in cupboards.ย  All that remains to be sorted is two big piles of my rpg books (going to an ebay sale in a global village near you soon).

Then I started on the children’s playroom. Again more paper (see a theme here) it was like an archeological dig back to 2011.

I’m going to take a deep breath now and sort the living room and kitchen out.ย  In a strange way the fact that I have the energy to do this at 10:30 at night, after a day of looking after the kids, is an immense victory ๐Ÿ™‚

We officially have too much stuff…victims of our own excess ๐Ÿ™‚

Unrelated here’s a couple of interesting music tracks I found today.

My mate Keef Baker (in his Nimon incarnation) teaming up with another electronic artist (Micheal Morton aka Displacer) from an album called “House of the Dying Son”

..and a song called “House of the Dying Son” for all you folk who like echoy slide guitar.

Mr Newt’s Optimistic Positive Super 7

A sort of mini-album of stuff that gets me up and at’em in the morning.ย  A Yin-Yang with Funkadelic sitting in the middle as a turning point, and Strapping Young Lad as the Yang-as fuck noisy ending ๐Ÿ˜€

Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

Click above to play as a YouTube playlist.

Here’s the full track listing.

1. Angelo Moore (Fishbone) – Optimistic Yes

2. Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix Experience

3. The Shamen – Move Any Mountain

4. Funkadelic – Free Yourย Mind and Your Ass Will Follow

5. Black Flag – Rise Above

6. Circle Jerks – Wonderful

7.ย  Strapping Young Lad – All Hail the New Flesh

Prong Ruining Lives

Prong for me were the great post-thrash band of the late 80s, who skillfully blended New York Hardcore (a scene that they worked for, band members being the soundman and bouncer for the world famous CBGB’s club) with the soaring guitar solos and fast fretwork of Thrash Metal. Throw into the bowl lyrics based on reality rather than Undergraduate Politics or D&D Satanism and you’ve got a winning blend (for me at least).

A power trio in the most literal of senses, generally upbeat (in a growly sort of way), aggressive in a stompy, Prong’s anthems have pulled me through a couple of choke points in my life. Dark Signs off the album Rude Awakening was a particular favorite of mine when I was lost in my early 20s

“Be careful what you want, it may be what you get
Be careful of yourself, you may just kill yourself
Watch out for all the ruin that you ask for
Being trapped below, is that what you need?”

1st verse of Dark Signs by Prong

Thank goodness I’m waaaaaaaaaay less heavy these days and I’ve learnt how to use the Attraction Principle to only bring in good things. But it was this song that helped me make that crucial link ๐Ÿ™‚

Its nice to see them still going on with this year’s Ruining Lives LP being around their eighth. This album is a nice mix of the various styles they’ve deployed over years, metal, punk, thrash and even a bit of pop.

My favourite is the following, a riff heavy, punch the air anthem called “Chamber of Thought”


So we wereย  playing post a band, and Mr Julian Hayley has gave me Primus.
So here we go…

Like them? Oh yes sir, yes sir indeedy! Primus and me go way back to the psychedelic alternative metal days of the early 90s, were I picked up on them from the Hep Kats of muso know how. They were/are part of a tight core of weirdo funk metal bands (Fishbone/early Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Janes Addition/Mr Bungle/Faith No More) that I worship and who saved me from the depression of Death/Grindcore that I would have fallen into if I had had not woken up one day and thought “we’ll crikey little jimmy I needs me something more joyous to salve my soul mmmhum!”. A lo and behold Mike Simms did press upon me a tape with Primus’s early opus magus “Fizzle Fry” , although ole Hogbutcher was trying impress me with the Jazz Hardcore fusion groves of Victims Family (which was why it was labeled Side A) which he did to a lesser extent.

Seen them? Twice. I missed them about three times when they were a spit away from the bars I was drinking in Leeds as a Stoodent, because in those days I was too stoopid to work out how to go to Bradford Uni where they were playing. Eventually got to see them at Nottingham Rawk City with their angrier younger brothers Korn supporting (in KILTS! ) in the late 90s and then again on the last UK tour in 2011

Thoughts on them? To many to catalog here. But a couple of things…

Do check out Les & Ler in Blind Illusion prog-thrash from the 80s .

Sausage – Primus in all but name and Drummer

and of course the oh so mighty Oysterhead which is Les with STEWART FUCKING COPELAND from the Police

Believe me when “Les Claypool” says what my soul is feeling

“I don’t believe in charity, I don’t believe in Sin… and if you don’t believe in me I’ll sing this song again”

Here’s Frizzle Fry the mystic nonsense that underpins our Universeย  (and your thought I’d post Tommy the Cat ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


This is where I and my immediate family especially are at the moment. I wouldn’t be surprised if you said you were too. You could argue that we are always in Transition but its especially acute at in this particular time frame.

Globally you can see it on the news as the Head Less Chicken Collective makes its final desperate play to exert Total Control over us all.ย  Truly amazing sad stuff, which if I had not seen the Gentle Infinite that is coming to us all I would be totally freaking out now.

Henry and Evie even had their own “Transition Day” at infant and junior school respectively a couple of weeks ago. Henry is loosing his baby talk and becoming quite a cheeky little lad. Evie is blossoming into quite a mirthful razor sharp girl. I’m going to have get my self in shape to keep up with this pair ๐Ÿ˜‰

Which is kinda where I’m at the moment. Too long have I neglected my body and its now limiting what I can achieve. Plus there’s a very real possibility of life threatening disease that could hit me any time in the next 10 years. I’ve a family history of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes type 2 and dofus here is half again his ideal body weight over or as my mate Keary says “How are the two of you” ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  So slowly and steadily I’m getting a grip, its early days and the changes are barely perceptible at moment. More a gathering of the forces with a increased amount of hydration ๐Ÿ™‚

The Day Job is about to change big time or small time since we are going thorough an organisational Transformation. Might be good, might be bad, but the team I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the last 5 years will slowly dissolve over the next year or so. Time to leave the glided cage that I’ve sat out the early days of both my children, the house extension and the death of my father.

D101 Games morphs as I come to the end of its initial waves of games. This has been worrying as some collaborators and allies have left the little collective and new dancers take the stage . I know overall its got longevity, aย  future and most importantly remains ball dropping fun. Currently bringing OpenQuest 2 to a glorious close and putting together River of Heaven a truly inspirational sci-fi rpg written by my mate John Ossoway, with a sound track by my old mate Keef Baker (which is basically the bright optimistic electronic album I always hoped he would pull out of his creative hat some day) and illustrated by rising star Peter Frain.ย  As far as my old muse Glorantha goes I’m finishing off a couple of unreleased books, but I’ve come to the reason I’m ok with the fact that I’m on hiatus on running in the setting even at conventions. I’m also working on a confusing amount of stuff which I’ll work on some sort of plan to bringing into being on my upcoming two weeks off work. Then I can at least mention it to the outside world to start getting interest up ๐Ÿ™‚ Had fun updating the website over the last couple of days, so its responsive and works on all these new fangled smart devices ๐Ÿ™‚

Perhaps we are all going into space.

In which case here’s the theme for River of Heaven by Slipdrive