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I’m going to be a proffessionally published RPG writer!!!!!

I’ve been asked to contribute one of my scenairo’s for the upcoming Lunar Adventures book for HeroQuest!!!!

I’m posting it here because I’ve got to get it out of my system.I can’t say any more because that’s part of the contract that we don’t talk about it until its released.

I told Rachel last night but all I got was an uninterested hmmph. Bloody girls!

I’m so happy, this is the culmination of two years work, and nearly didn’t happen.

Now I’ve got to do some polishing and adapting, but should be done in the next couple of weeks.

Album of the week

wanna know what is rocking Mr Newt’s boat at the moment.

well it the rather splendid new lp by Fear Factory….Digimortal

can’t beat a bit of Cybermetal for those mathothon programming sessions I have found.

Heavy Metal Motherfucker!!!

Been a while I know, but I’ve been pretty tied up with Real Life TM

Weekend was pretty hectic. Friday went to Manchester with Nice Andy and Ginger Matt to go and see Queens Of the Stone Age at the Academy. Arrived just in time to catch some of Snake River Conspiracy (unfortunately) If Goth Metal is your cup of tea then you’ll love this bunch of cunts! Personally I don’t so I fought my way though the massed crowds to the bar.

Next up were the almighty Gods of Hells Angel’s Rock…..MONSTER MAGNET…bow down to the Prophets of the Bull God…YOU ARE NOT WORTHY
Flaming guitars and some of the best sonic mayhem this side of Mars, and I was well happy> Still would love to see this bunch headlining though.

Then completely short-circuited to the Queens of the Stone Age. Some idiots in the press are calling this lot the next Nirvana. What morons, they are way beyond that bunch of miserable cunts! Nirvana where medicore at best, this lot are uplifting beyond belief.

Yes mind/body/spirit was melted beyond belief and I was relived to hit the old bed when I got home.

As AC/DC (who I am seeing next week…YES);

“Let there be ROCK!”