Emerging from the clutter

Finally after a good year (or more) I can see 70% of the floor of my home office (formally the master bedroom before the extension). It took me a good three hours to clear a mountain of paper/cardboard and put things neatly in cupboards.  All that remains to be sorted is two big piles of my rpg books (going to an ebay sale in a global village near you soon).

Then I started on the children’s playroom. Again more paper (see a theme here) it was like an archeological dig back to 2011.

I’m going to take a deep breath now and sort the living room and kitchen out.  In a strange way the fact that I have the energy to do this at 10:30 at night, after a day of looking after the kids, is an immense victory 🙂

We officially have too much stuff…victims of our own excess 🙂

Unrelated here’s a couple of interesting music tracks I found today.

My mate Keef Baker (in his Nimon incarnation) teaming up with another electronic artist (Micheal Morton aka Displacer) from an album called “House of the Dying Son”

..and a song called “House of the Dying Son” for all you folk who like echoy slide guitar.

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