So we were  playing post a band, and Mr Julian Hayley has gave me Primus.
So here we go…

Like them? Oh yes sir, yes sir indeedy! Primus and me go way back to the psychedelic alternative metal days of the early 90s, were I picked up on them from the Hep Kats of muso know how. They were/are part of a tight core of weirdo funk metal bands (Fishbone/early Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Janes Addition/Mr Bungle/Faith No More) that I worship and who saved me from the depression of Death/Grindcore that I would have fallen into if I had had not woken up one day and thought “we’ll crikey little jimmy I needs me something more joyous to salve my soul mmmhum!”. A lo and behold Mike Simms did press upon me a tape with Primus’s early opus magus “Fizzle Fry” , although ole Hogbutcher was trying impress me with the Jazz Hardcore fusion groves of Victims Family (which was why it was labeled Side A) which he did to a lesser extent.

Seen them? Twice. I missed them about three times when they were a spit away from the bars I was drinking in Leeds as a Stoodent, because in those days I was too stoopid to work out how to go to Bradford Uni where they were playing. Eventually got to see them at Nottingham Rawk City with their angrier younger brothers Korn supporting (in KILTS! ) in the late 90s and then again on the last UK tour in 2011

Thoughts on them? To many to catalog here. But a couple of things…

Do check out Les & Ler in Blind Illusion prog-thrash from the 80s .

Sausage – Primus in all but name and Drummer

and of course the oh so mighty Oysterhead which is Les with STEWART FUCKING COPELAND from the Police

Believe me when “Les Claypool” says what my soul is feeling

“I don’t believe in charity, I don’t believe in Sin… and if you don’t believe in me I’ll sing this song again”

Here’s Frizzle Fry the mystic nonsense that underpins our Universe  (and your thought I’d post Tommy the Cat 😉 )

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