Reality is fixing itself….

I continue to let go of things that no longer have a happy influence on my life, like a balloonist chucks out ballast as he rises into the sky.

Three specific issues have quietly been resolved through letting go recently.

One was drawing a line under my dad’s financial affairs. For me this was admitting that they were left in a mess, we’ve done as much to sort them out as possible ( when I really shouldn’t have got involved ), out of care for my late-father (who quite frankly left us with aforementioned mess) and that a year on WE ARE NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS FINANCES! Any one who thinks either me or mother are, can go talk to our solicitor 😛

Remember the mess in the Garden, i.e. the popped capstones and buried concrete that I whined on about in my Spring update post ? Well I’ve politely but firmly dismissed the Numpty Builders. After being lied to point blank over what was happening by Head Numpty Builder, I decided that despite it incurring a small cost (in the scheme of things) that I’d rather hire a local builder to do the work. Although rain has stopped play over the last couple weeks, as soon as the sun shines its going to get fixed and hopefully by mid summer we’ll be sat out in the garden fully enjoying it 🙂

Some times you don’t necessarily get to choose the timing of things, but just have to gracefully get on with it. Fortunately I had seen this one coming a good six months in advance, so everything was prepared for one of D101’s writers to say that he no longer wanted me to publish his book. Frankly he’s been playing a passive aggressive game of control with me since just before its publication and that increased after it came out as he felt that I wasn’t doing enough to promote his book. If you look back at my blog entries the last couple of years have been very strained for me and he was lucky the book got out at all!  Suffice to say I’m actually happy at this ending and it really makes me value more the friends who graciously help to various degrees with D101 Games.

I’m expecting this process to continue, as blocks and debris get cleared.  Some will be planned and some will pop up as a initially unpleasant surprise!  But its all good in the end and taking me to a higher place 🙂

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