Soon it be 2013!

I’m looking forward to 2013, with a small amount of excitement and trepidation in equal measure.2012 has been a game of two halves. Real suckage upto about May/June, followed by a period of recovery over the summer, and then a steady rise and regeneration over the last part of the year. I now end the year much much wiser and dare I say it ‘realised’ than at the beginning.

The best thing about this is that I’m back in the driving seat of my life 🙂 The worst thing is realising that I’ve spent the best part of my 41 years fulfilling the wishes and dreams of other people (mainly the path set down of bettering my self according to my parents middle class expectations).  From here on in its up to me to find my own way, while still remaining harmonious with those around me.  2012 was enough of a training ground on that front so with a bit of sensitivity it should be really easy to achieve this 🙂

A small hint (excuse me if this gets a bit ‘metaphysical’) about what 2012/2013 is about as far I as I perceive it at this current time. We have entered the Aeon of Horus well and truly. Subtly behind the scenes things are rearranging themselves. Information moves from other dimensions into this one, changing from immaterial thought forms to the physical, Learn to tune in and work with this flow to your and other’s advantage. Recognise there is no US or THEM, and those who seek to divide the One that is the Many have already lost. They are like a chicken without a head, squawking and desperately trying to impose their twisted vision upon the world in the dying moments of their attempt of Total Control. They employ methods that in the current Aeon will simply become less and less effective.

Remember be Awesome to one another, and make this Reality full of Win 🙂


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