Sometimes life just forces you to stop and reassess.

So there I was charging through life, having revelation after revelation hit me when it all came to a stop.

Had a breif pause at the weekend when I got away from it all with some mates in a rented town house in Mattlock. Dubed D101 con we played lots of games, drunk alot of beer and generally had a blokes chill out weekend. It was grand, and on a personal level a much needed break from my beloved family.

Whisked back on Monday morning to find that in my absence the family had come down with the latest vomiting bug (eeww!). Both Rach and Henry had it over the weekend, and I dealt with the recovery of Rach who caught up on some much needed sleep.

But none of this put a cramp on my style, still I blitzed onwards and upwards.

Then on Wednesday (my non-workday) it hit me. Wave after wave of nausea, throughout the day. I was sensible and kept food intake down to a minimum and this seems to have paid off since there was none of the associated vomiting that Rach and Henry suffered. However by 8pm I was spent. I’ve never been so tired in all my life. So I checked into sofa land and watched the latest Boardwalk Empire and Treme (if you liked the Wire that was but a mere warm up for this televisual feast).

Today energy is nervously returning, but the sheer rock bottom – where I was drained on all levels – I have never experienced before.  So a quiet one today, and probably tomorrow where I’m going to do a bit of quiet introspection to see where I’m up to.

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