Last train to Newtsville, all change!!

Been a busy period of my life since my last proper post here and the changes sure are ringing in my and my family’s life. I was 39 a couple of weeks ago and it suddenly came crashing down on me how things are moving out of the rather numb and tired post-birth period of Henry, with all the pent up desires for change coming into reality. Lets just say sometimes I’m slow to realise ;)

Rach is now doing an online MRes Clinical with Manchester University. As usual she’s going hard at it with dedication and focus that is admirable. Its been difficult juggling her doing 5 hours on it, going to work, housework and childcare. We reached a crisis point a couple of weeks ago, sat down and had a rejigg and refocus and are now settled into the routine.

My work is moving me on from being a Junior Developer/Programmer to something that better reflects my ten years in the Software Development game, which over the last six months definitely has taken me out of my comfort zone. However it was long on the cards and a source of great frustration, that basically I put my career on hold while we had Evie and then Henry.

Talking of which. Evie is now moving towards being a little girl, who chatters intelligently constantly and who has her own opinions on things. Henry is can no longer be called a baby, and is becoming his own little man with expressions and personality. He’s now fully mobile and will be walking very soon. Its something he’s wanted to do from being 6months old and I think it will be a rude awakening when one morning he cracks it and he’ll be off!

D101 Games remains a delight and joy to be involved in. Its now completely broken out of the tiny small press where its just me working on it with a couple of helpers popping in to add bit and sales via lulu, to small press with regular contributors, fans, and shops to be supplied. The amount of stuff I’ve put out this year is staggering and I’m keeping a careful eye on how it grows in the future. Not going to reveal my plans here but D101 takes a big step forward next year.

And of course the I’ve left the biggest change to last. We are finally going ahead with a big house extension. Basically we live in a 1930s Semi-detached in a leafy suburb of Oldham. We inherited it from Rachel’s Grandma and its a bit of a squeeze for our growing family. Also some of the wiring is very old and very dangerous. Think rubber clad copper wiring, which would disintegrate if you touched it.  So were shorting out the gremlins and doubling the size of the house while we are at it. The architect is currently finalising his plans, so I reckon sometime next year we’ll be moving out for a good nine months while the house is done.

With all this happening I’m firmly resolute not to react with grumpyness or fear.

Expect updates :)

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