Despite being a self-depriciating idiot the Universe takes care of me

Winter blooz really hit me hard last week, with the tiredness really catching up with me and bringing me low.  Fortunately the Universe was looking after me with lots of good stuff coming my way to cheer me up and keep me afloat.

Good stuff

Henry smiling! He’s still a bit thrashy, windy and crying but its all normal baby stuff. Over the colic and the series of colds and beginning to settle into a regular pattern.  After a month of my son doing nothing but cry and look worried he now smiles a big gorgeous smile :)

Evie loves play school. Evie started playschool two days a week and loves it :) Lots of singing and painting. Its tempered her manicness at home and really brings home what a joyful if slightly spirited girl she is :)

Computer fixed! Godzilla, my uber gaming desktop, is now fixed after a month of being broken. The sad thing it was my top end (well as of 1.5 year ago) graphics card (a duel Nvida 9800GX) that went :( The happy ending was that I got a mid range Sapphire Radeon 5770 which is just as good, and being a new card is future proof for Direct X 11 games, giving me a possible extra year on its life.  Much Crysis, that never ran smoothly on my old card, was played to celebrate!  Seeing this is also the machine I do my layout for D101 games, this is good news for that venture as well.

Newtbook. The netbook I got for my birthday continues to inspire and be a lovely bit of kit.

Work. Finally refocused at work. Will continue on the path of WordPress guru, but also got some coding projects on the horizon.

Visitation from brother. Two visits from younger bro George in as many months.  Good to see he’s sorting himself out and on the right path for him. Went to the pub on Saturday night. Also now have complete run of MASH, 11 Seasons of TV + Movie. Much medical chortles with Hawkeye and co await.

Holidays. Traditional two week break at XMAS is booked as is a week off for Centre parcs at Winfell first week of Dec. A double blow against the winter blooz!

TomCon. It was great to go over to Tom’s last Sunday. Caught up with the Furnace gang and had a cracking game of Cyberpunk using Wordplay :)

Monkey. Its coming. A mater of pages to write, all the art is done, Prof Mark Galeotti on standby for editing at the end of this month.  Its so close I’m pinching myself :D

and last but not least……

My Wife. Continues to be lovely, despite tiredness and me being a bit of an idiot recently.

So that’s me at the mo. A nice refresh and refocus over weekend sees me move on. Still a case of slow and steady, but there’s a real sense that I’m getting there on a number of fronts :)

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