Sort of kinda, mmmn

Well Henry’s now a month older and things are returning to normal. On my part a more ‘adult’ normal. Its a bit like all the enormous amounts of slack that I took earlier in my life is being paid for in full, with running around doing stuff for someone else. Me time is at a premium and rather depressingly people tell me this is how its going to be for the next eighteen years at least! This means that I’ve not got time to procrastinate like I used to and once I’ve got over myself I’m finding myself more productive than ever :) I’m still adjusting and its making me a bit snappy at time, but strangely its also making me more chilled overall. Less Motorhead more Brian Eno and Robert Fripp

Still bloody tired though.

Things I like:

  • OpenQuest: Chuffed to bits that I finished this and its been a source of constant delight over the last month or so.
  • Off to Centre Parcs in Dec!
  • Ubuntu 9.04 which is all kinds of shiny, only just got round to upgrading and next version is out the end of this month
  • Its my birthday soon!

Things I don’t like

  • 101 other D101 projects call my name like lost children!
  • That I’ve not been to a con all year :( Just missed Furnace 2009 and Game 09. Will have to see if next year is better.
  • Henry’s not settled into a regular eat-sleep pattern yet and is stressing his mum out.
  • My uber gaming PC has decided to die on me and flatscreen monitors don’t seem to be all that robust :(

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