On a fast flowing river…

Is how I feel at the moment. Flowing towards the birth of my second child at great speed it feels, a date only three to four weeks away. Its dizzying the rate at which things are happening and my slow dreamy brain sometimes has trouble taking it all in. Overall I’m very happy in an ordinary contented sort of way, with occasional bouts of panic and terror at the realisation that everything will never be the same (again). I’m erring on the side of rock solid calmness through and I’m beginning to see where my 40+ friends get that from.


Rach – is holding up well. She’s got gestational diabetes much earlier than last time, but is coping with it and getting on as best one can when you can no longer bend down. She’s finished work and definitely in the final run up to Newtlet#2

Evie – has hit the terrible twos head on! Lots of loud shouting, running around and constant talking. A joy to be around and this gives me a reason to get me sorted out so she stays that way.

Office to Bedroom conversion – Nothing has happened on this for a good month. Good Lady wife, visibly concerned. Mr Newt will have to get his shit together on this and quick. Especially since young Evie has been introduced to the idea this is her new room (another great idea of mine come back to bite me on the ass) and has started to complain that she wants to move in!

Garden – Back still a jungle and a sustained hack and slash campaign will have to be conducted into the Winter, with hostilities resuming in early Spring. Recent Battle of the Upper Garden halted due to rain, will recommence this weekend. Weeds have sneakily taken opportunity to grow back.

D101 Games/Roleplaying Games writing – This has been going very well recently. Got out OpenQuest finally to much praise and over a thousand downloads of the150 page Pdf. Hearts In Glorantha #3 is out in a couple of weeks. Currently working on the Savage North , a Conan with serials filed off setting/adventure book for OpenQuest, with my friend John Ossoway who as well as writing 90% of it is doing some lovely art for it. After ten years of dithering I’m in the final straight towards getting a complete draft of Monkey. I’m hoping a quick bit of editorial will get it sorted for publication, since art is already sourced, for an October publication (i.e. just in time for Furnace) of the game I formed D101 to publish. However can’t help the ominous feeling that I’m suddenly going to have to have a break from D101 to look after family. Definitely a reduction in activity is on the cards.

Work– Fine, exactly where I want to be at this point with people I like in a nice relaxed environment :) Mustn’t get complacent though ;)

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