Had an ace Easter.

Good Friday might as well have been Bad Friday, I was so grumpy. I guess it was all the tiredness catching up with me.

Mood massively improved on Saturday. Pottered around the house, did a bit of Gardening and made Choc chip cookies with Evie. Then my brother George came round in the evening and we retired for a pleasant evening of beer at the aptly named Pleasant Inn just up the road from us.

Easter Sunday saw a mild hangover, but enough to convince me my days drinking are numbered. Went to the Turk’s head for an excellent pub lunch to celebrate Elaine’s birthday. Evie was a cute as ever and after her nap pottered about in the Garden.

Had a lazy Easter Monday with more gardening. I think I have a plan (!) to sort out the Jungle now.

Now back at work and enjoying a productive but quiet week. 

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