Its snowy!

Took 2.5 hrs to get into work grrr!! Fortunatly I slept most of the way or read Journey ot the West (first 300+ vol of the four volume Antony Yu Translation – dead good stuff but heavy going).

Weekend was good.

Friday saw me meet up with various folk (dreadtemujin & fraoch included) at the Lass O’Gowrie, have a couple of beers and then train it over to Stockport to go on a night out with the Black Horse Country Troop and a couple of thier mates from the Stockport Gaming Club.  I had a great boozy night ending in Ye Olde Vic, a pub with a ton of character at silly o’clock in the morning. Overall it was like going back in time ten years to my late twenties (which is not surprising since most of the BHC are in their late 20s). This page has pictures of The Crown and the Ye Olde Vic on it.

Saturday I awoke at about 10 and then was entertained by my host Steve by playing Left 4 Dead on his huge flat screen. Left 4 Dead is cracking little Zombie co-op game.  Got home just before Grandma brought our Evie back, who was lovely and perky. Fed wee child and then while she slept worked off the hangover by playing more Fallout 3. Was hoping to get to play the new addon pack ‘Operation Ancourage’ but by the time I’d worked out how to move it so I didn’t have to run it logged into Windows Live (which is the spawn of the devil) Rach had returned from her Quilting Class (which will be a monthly all day Saturday thing from now on).

, the tiredness of Friday caught up with me and I was unnecessarily snappy with Rach. Otherwise I had a lovely family day and did some sorting round the house, since it was fecking freezing outside, a prelude to the snow which started to fall late last night.

Finally fraoch  reminded me on Friday that I haven’t posted any pictures of Evie in yonks



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