Got a classic case of the Blahs.  Probably brought on by working hard on getting the Faculty Intranet done at work and yet still not finishing off. Its been an eternity of cutting and pasting and extracting blood from a stone content wise. Not really what I signed up to do when I did my MSc and changed my career, but hopefully this is the last time I will have to do something like this.

In other news Rach is over the cold that has brought her low over the last week. Its nice to see her happy again. Shame that it means that she has to go to work today 🙁  But she’s only got seven shifts left and then she goes down to two shifts aweek 🙂  Also she’s applied to be Research Midwife at Manchester Uni which should mean more regular hours and less working at the weekend 🙂

Probably the biggest news this week is that Rach’s mum Elaine is moveing to a bungalow across the road from us. Which is good for her in her advancing years and good for us for various reasons. Its happened bloody quickly though. She looked at the house on Thursday and put an offer in , which was accepted, on Friday!!!

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