HeroQuest Black Horse County

Well the campaign ended successfully a couple of weeks ago.

All the character’s survived the climatic battle, although one of them was defeated by a fellow pc and later asked to leave and never darken’ our doors again. One of the PCs now leader of Black Horse County, which has now has an inbuilt policy of resurrecting the fallen of either side and using them to supplement their armies. BHC’s neighbours have taken a big beating and lost lots of territory in the final battle.

So all good high level powergaming shenanigans, which is what HeroQuest does best.

A very sucessfull campaign that delivered what me and the players wanted out of it, and was enough of a draw to get me and the players coming back to it despite Real LifeTM majorly intervening (this campaign saw the death of my father in law, the birth of my daughter and me moving jobs). Almost went into mourning when it was over.

Might make into the Moon Design’s publications schedule, or Hearts in Glorantha – but highly likely it will get published in some form or another.

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