Duh duhhh duh dur dur duh!

This is one of those ‘hey I’m back’ sort of posts. Followed up swiftly by ‘ow I still hurt’ whinge.

So I’m back from the Mighty Continuum RPG convention, which doubled as a mini-short summer break for me, refreshed and invigorated but still a bit stiff from too much booze, crap food and even less sleep than usual. Oh well it was fun šŸ™‚


off to a truely amazing flying start, with Hearts In Glorantha selling out its small print run and me Ginger Matt and Neil Ford running 10 full games of Monkey and SimpleQuest over the weekend. Saw lots of old friends and it was nice to see folk who I only talk to online usually šŸ™‚  It was also slightly surreal to have 100+ people at the closing ceremony chanting my name.

Eased myself back into work this week, after having Monday/Tuesday off and its with a bump I head towards the weekend which will probably be lots of gardening and sorting out the house, with the possiblity of a trip to Bakewell.

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