Arrrrghhh Evie’s moving at the speed of lighting!!!

Evie teethed a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t too traumatic and I certainly didn’t lose any sleep like some fellow members of the Dad Brigade have.  However I have never seen soooo much snot come out a small child ever!! Rach reckoned see saw on booger the size of her head! Her sleep was disturbed and she went off her food. Then she came out of and for a couple of days and everything was back to normal.

Then it was like a switch had be flicked! Suddenly my little girl has at least twice the energy, see’s strong, crawling 100% properly and pulling her self up on tables and chairs. Blink and she’s across the room by the time you’ve opened your eyes.

So Rach, who’s been taking the brunt of this one girl whirlwind, sorted out stair gates for the stairs and kitchen doors. We fitted them tonight, with the aim of turning the hall into one big playpen/crawl space.  The cats are a bit narked with their free flow restricted, but once Evie’s gone to bed we can open the gates and caty harmony is restored again.

One thing’s for sure, things will never be the same again.

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