Calmer, happier, colder (brr)

Been very introspective recently, so I’ve held off updating this until my head calmed down. Coming out of this ‘introspective’ phase now, a much happier person than I went in.

Work – I’m a man with a plan. The restucture of Man University IT is coming to an end. I’ve been told that I’m not getting voluntary severance, boo!, but I have got a direct transfer over to Faculty IT from my present job at School level (which is being disolved at the end of this year). Mixed feelings about this , mainly because I’m stroppy bastard and like to be in charge of my job destiny!!!!! Therefore in the short term I’m looking for a new jobs, outside the comfort/lazy zone of the Public sector and longer term looking for freelance/working for myself. I’d love to jump into the whole freelance/self employment thing but as Rach sagely points out I’ve not done any of the prep work to make that a reality. I’ve made a start over the last couple of weeks, but its not nearly enough to get me up and going by the end of this year or even the start of next year. However I’d still like to be proved wrong on this one 🙂 Main thing is that I’m back in the saddle and guiding my career after having to sit on my hands to see what happens with the IT restructure.

Play – Current RPG campaign (HeroQuest: Black Horse County) really galloping along at a tremendous pace, heading towards the big ending (think Resorvoir Dogs meets the Battle of Tanenburg/Grunwald). Now all I have to do is make sure we fit the sessions in before XMAS hits to keep up the momentum. Go Play Manchester #1 was a big success, despite the small turn out (see previous post) and already planing #2 in Dec. Got John Ottoway who runs Cthulhu Rising coming along to run a Marines game (think Cthulhu meets Aliens). If you are an out of town GM who fancies coming up to Manchester for the day, the venue Fanboy 3 is a five miniute wallk straight down from Piccadilly. Musing on running some form of Savage Worlds, after picking up the Explorers Edition at GPM #1. Work continues apace with SimpleQuest, which is a mountain of work but absolute fun. Currently working on the Character gen chapter, and making notes about Skills and Combat which are next up. Monkey will get picked up and dusted off next weekend since I’ve promised the producers of Huddersfield Gaming Society (HUGS) a game in December and an article for their next society magazine. Pondering having a Newtcon 2 over the holidays and attending Winter Stabcon.

Family- Well we’ve survived the first six months of young Evie’s life!! I’m looking after both the ladies this weekend, since Rach is well beyond knackered. Now looking at ways of giving Rach more of a break, and structuring the day so more tidying up gets done.

Right gotta go Evie is stirring!

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