Best Birthday weekend evar!!!

Well I’m now officially closer to Forty than Thirty.  Reaching he heady heights of 36 is weird, after grappling with myself to go back in time to my twenties, I suddenly find myself feeling ageless.

But enough ot such existential meanderings. Onto cold hard facts of why this was the best birthday weekend EVAR!!

Friday – The day of the Birthday itself – Off work chilling out with a very happy giggly Eve. Couple of beers in the evening (remember 3 is the new 5!)

Satuday – Relatively chilled day, combined with fast n furious house tidy in preparation of Dad turning up. Had a relaxed evening with Dad, Rach and Eve.

Sunday – Eve’s christening. A smallish event (30 odd people) made up of close friends and family. Big thanks to everyone who turned up, esp the Mad Man Ginger Matt who got up at 5 in the morning, drove all the way from South Wales, for the 10:30 service and then drove straight back after coffee at ours at about 4 in the afternoon!!!  After everyone went home opened big pile of christening presents and put helium balloons in new porch – which is now officially the Balloon Garden!!

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