Fun and games at Furnace

Had a grand time at Furnace. I can happily report that we exceeded last year for attendees and the number of games run. We had some growning pains, and a venue that badly let us down on a busy Saturday night, but otherwise it went immensely well, with more quality games and double the number of attendees from last year.


1. Playing a rather energetic game of Monkey, selling three of my ‘ashcan’ versions of the game and getting lots of possitive feedback.

2. Chatting to Tim Gray of Silverbranch Games about whimscal fantasy and nailing what I don’t like about settings such as Warhammer 40k, which are deliberatly bleak and grim.

3. Loafing around and chatting to people on Saturday. Lots of nonsense and great ideas came out it.

4. Playing in Lawrence Whitaker’s Gloranthan RQ game, as a rather uptight Dara Happan Noble Solider visiting the demon city of Alkoth with his peers. Was very nice to actually play in a Gloranthan game than run it.

5. Seeing so many happy people playing so many great games.

6. Being interviewed by rpg podcast Yog Radio, (now out Yog Radio #26)

Had a fantastic time. It left me with alot to think about and a warm happy feeling.

Looking forward to Furnace 2008 đŸ™‚

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