RuneQuest Deluxe

Picked this up at lunchtime. My its a big chunky book too 350 pages, with the combined contents of the main rulebook, companion, and monsters. Reasonable value for money to at £20.

Producton wise its still the cheap and cheerfull Mongoose POD quality, which meant I snagged the only copy that came into FanBoy 3 who refuse to buy in more than one copy because of the early snfus when they went inhouse, but no warped covers this time out 🙂 Still in glorious grey blah.

I post a more detailed nit pick when I’ve had chance to read the bugger, but they have updated some rules; I noticed the ‘half your skills’ rulling for opposed tests involving one or more characters with a skill over 100% has gone and the much more reasonable rule thats in Elric (I sense the hand of Loz here) in its place.

Bottom line is though, if you hate Mongoose RQ and all that it stands for you won’t find anything new here to make you fall in love with the game BUT if you were put off by the by the buy in cost of three slim rulebooks at a combined cost of £55, this might be the time to give the game a chance.

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