The charge of the Dad brigade

Without wanting to sound soppy or daft, life with our newborn daughter Eve is truely amazing. Hard at times, but I wouldn’t change anything for the world at this moment in time.

However working with change is a big part of life now. And its not optional. This picture of me and Eve was taken three weeks ago and she is now double the size. Life very much revolves around her and her sleep and feeding times and she is evolving all the time. This weekend she’s started to react to thinks around her. Shes also learnt how to smile, not quite at will yet but when that time comes both me and Rach are doomed to a life of being sticky puddles of obedient joy wrapped round her little finger.  She’s already grown out of many of her newborn clothes and is begining to fill her moses basket.

Thoughts of going down the pub on a friday are now a distant memory. In many ways I’ve done alot of growning up in the last month or so. I’ve become more calm and decisive. Things get done because they have to. While technically on paper I have less time to myself I now enjoy it more and its more productive. My Monkey RPG stands a better chance of getting finished this year because I only can work on it when both Rach and Eve are asleep.

I had a great Father’s day yesterday, and really felt appreciated which sometimes over the last six weeks I haven’t. All that carrying and lifting paid off with a new beer tankard and a couple of real ales to go in it 🙂

In other news. The first stone has been cast in escaping the glass house that is my current job. I put in for a job with a company just down the road in Rochdale. No idea whether I’ll get it (lets just say its a huge level above me) but its got me off my arse and got me to write my CV.

Also my Mother is moving down from Northumberland this Friday, to be nearer to us. Her new house is a short bus ride away so that will be nice. My brother George (

) and father are helping her move, so there will be a sudden influx of Newports at the Half-Way House (my local) at the end of this week, enjoying a much deserved post move pint and meal.

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