Just when you think things were getting back to normal

Our Rach is back at Royal Oldham Hospital, since her C-section wound has got infected. Now this truly takes the whole “everything that could go wrong with this pregnacy has” to the limit. Her and the very healthy Evelyn will probably be in the hospital until Saturday.  I will be making multiple trips , using Grandma Taxi, to visit.

Rach is dealing with this with her usual good humour, but it has rather shaken me. The house feels very empty without them, and we were just getting settled into a nice routine. I’m also quite upset that I won’t be there to look after the both of them. While the staff at the hospital can look after her medical needs, no one does hugs quite as good as me.

Must however start looking at the positives. I’ll be able to get the house well and truly sorted as well as do abit of writing and preparation to go back to work (which after two weeks off will be like landing on the mars!).

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