Babies love Sci-Fi!!!

Had a huge Dresden Files catch up, over the recent sleepless nights, and the series is a hit with me. I’m a fan of wizards and hardboiled detectives, so mix the two and what’s not to like! Very intrigued by the deep background that sits behind most of the stories and only comes to the fore in some of the episodes (“What about Bob?” especially). I’d imagine I’ll get more out of reading the books that the series is based on. A second series is up in the air, but I’m putting my wishes for one.

Finally got to watch ‘Infernal Affairs’, the Hong Kong Crime Thriller that Martin Scorscose’s The Departed is based upon. I was intrigued from my love of HK films and from watching The Departed over xmas. A very slick film, kinda like a Miami Vice for coolness and lingering city rooftop shots (leading to my favorite quote, ‘do you undercover cops always meet on roof tops?’). The Departed is very faithful to the orginal, with alot more padding which explores the characters more. I rate both, but Infernal Affairs would get the drop if I wanted to watch a pacy 2 hour long film while The Departed is a more lumbering 3 hour long character/gangster epic.

Revisited Aliens:Directors cut in a particularly long sleep deprived session (babies love sci-fi!), and was reminded what a slick film it is and how cool sentry guns are !!

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