The Ice of Depression melts

Weekend was crap, was trapped under some black ice of depression. Heavy doom ladden stuff that I haven’t experienced since the early 90s.  Rach was working a long day on Saturday and I was feeling tired and drained so the spring clean I had planned just didn’t materialise. I consoled myself by having a mini Goodies mathathon (repeating on Paramount 2 on Fridays). Then to make matters worse Rach ended up staying in Halifax hospital overnight, with false contractions. Don’t worry shes alright, she just needs to take it easy which means she will be finishing two weeks earlier than planned.

Rach got in 10am on Sunday and although I was pleased as punch, I was still drained.  The chaps came round for roleplaying in the afternoon, which did lift spirits some but after they left started to feel down again. Got more grumpy as the evening progressed, until I just couldn’t stand it any more.

Then it occured to me how good my current circumstances are, despite recent scary events, and with a quick laugh the black ice broke!

Which just goes to show at the end of the day, I’m in charge of my mind and not a victim of my situation. 😀

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