Aha Melt

Had a top weekend, feel all nice and warm and relaxed and ready to face the week.

Friday Went to a dinner dance with Rachel and her parents at Manchester Golf club,which was jolly nice. It was in aid of Rachel’s church’s roof fund. I didn’t do any dancing (it was a cheesey pop disco with a man with a laptop attached to the pa), but the four course meal was really nice and exceeded my expectations 🙂 It was also nice to get out with Rach since we’ve not been out since my dad was up over Christmas.

Saturday Walked into Royton Town and did some shopping, visited the libary (picked up Superman Red Son, a illustrated history of Oldham, and bought for the princely sum of 20p The Creative Writers Guidebook ) and picked up my copy of Wild Talents (a gritty superhero rpg by Denis Detwiller and Greg Stolze, with world building chapter by Ken Hite) which had finally made it over from the States from the Post Office. Then spent the rest of the day chiling.

Sunday General tidying around the house, a fair dose of COD2, and work on my new RPG project. Rachel has set me a challenge. By the time she finishes work (March 31st) I am to have a pdf for sale on RPGNow + all my existing HQ stuff finished and printed off and placed in folders so that I have something physical to show after 5 years or so of wiffleing about. Also had a liquid lunch with Brian which was fun as well 🙂

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