mmm Brocolli is really crunchy

..which is something that I’ve never realised before. However as part of the War on Lard I am now under orders to CHEW MY FOOD PROPERLY, AND ENJOY EVERY MOUTHFUL putting down the fork in between instead of shoveling it down to get a mad serotonin rush.

*crunch, crunch, crunch*

In other news feeling much more balanced after yesterday were I didn’t know were I was coming or going. Which isn’t much fun if you need to have rational access to your brain since you work as a programmer…

Me “What the hell I am I working on now?”

Metoo “Hey lets write a function called PIG”

Me “But thats not in the design”

Metoo “Don’t care it will go OINK OINK!!”

Me “In fact where is the design? Where did I save it?”

Metoo “OINK OINK OINK I’m a little PIG”

Methree “Mmmn lets eat food..”

Metoo “call eat_Food (Stuffed belly, fat_bastard)


While Stomach (!empty){stomach ++ ;}

Return (Burp);


Me “Dammit where is the design!!”

Methree “I was so hungry I ate it, with the user requirements as a side salad”

Metoo “P-I-G”

Father in Law Brian ripped out half the nursery yesterday. Rach is wisely at work today while he does the rest. I tell ya those fitted cupboards are doomed.

Long live the bookcases!!

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