The weekend just gone

Was a good one overall.

Friday tired from the long week, which saw yet another programming project end (whheee!), I had a quiet one in with a few beers.

Saturday started the final push on the middle and back bedrooms. Also re-watched Jet Li’s Hero (a damn fine classic) and Fearless for the first time which was also very good, even if it took tremendous historical liberities.

Sunday finished off clearing out the back bedroom (aka the nursury) so Father in Law can rip out fitted cupboards and sort out electrics today. Middle bed room now finally tidied, and ready for some fitted cupboard ripping out as well (hate fitted cupboards, must smash, replace with bookcases). Also the chaps came round for roleplaying. We finished off the quick game of Cyberpunk 2020, report to follow, and we’re having a break for two weeks due to various people being away. When we regroup in three weeks time looks like I’ve been talked into running HeroQuest based in Black Horse County. A game of heavily armoured knights riding demon black horses what is there not to like 😀

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