Happy leaving Leeds day!!!

Its now officially a year since I left Leeds, a place which I had called my home for nigh on 15 years since moving away from my parents to come to university.

And what fun I had for the first ten of those years 😀 In fact I know most of my friends list from that decade of young adulthood. However by the last five years the shine had gone, and the search for better residences had begun. It was a frustrating search because of the property boom we gradually got priced out of Leeds and the immeadiate surrounding areas. However the gameplan changed considerably after I got my job in Manchester when moving over ‘the wrong side of the Pennies’ to Oldham we’re my wife Rachel’s parents live made a lot more sense. Finally the death of Rachel’s grandmother sealed the deal as we moved into her old house.

To be honest I can’t say I’ve missed Leeds at all. I’ve missed the people, but moved about so much as a kid I’ve even got over that quickly. The thing that really shocks me about the whole affair is how quick the year has gone, and despite the big things that have happened personally in that year how it only feels like a couple of months ago.

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