Getting it on!

While Rach is still down with cold (which the nurse this morning said is a virus and will clear up in 2-3 weeks!!) I’m busy clearing up the middle bedroom, which is affectionally known as the office.  Stacks of papers, books, magazines are being reordered and dumped in the garage. The plan is then to rip out two fitted cupboards and replace them with bookcases.

In the process of finding homes for my HeroQuest writings that have been cluttering up my hardrive, some of which for upto two years. Its time to bring to a close that particular phase of my writing. This doesn’t preclude me bashing stuff out for the odd con book or contributing a small part to books, but the ‘big’ projects that I’ve been mulling over for 1-3 years need to be sown up tight and moved on from.

Started again on Monkey last night, by reviewing the list of Gods and Goddesses that are going into the Immortals section of the book to provide allies and opposistion to the players. Great fun, since Chinese Mythology at times is completly bonkers!

Work has calmed down greatly, as I’m working on one project rather than three at once!! I’m enjoying the calm and making moves to keep it that way 😀

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