A snapshot of a lion bringing down a wilderbeast

Things carry on briskly here. We’re in full overdrive to sort out things before the the young newtlet arrives. I’m glad Rach’s inheritance money from her Grandma has just come in since we’ve been shopping for baby the last couple of weeks. OH MY THE MONEY THAT HAS BEEN SPENT!!!!

Rach is also preparing me for having NO TIME TO MYSELF, while I’m planing to maximise what little I have left.

Finally reached the end of my teather with my job at Manchester University, I’ve learnt as much as I can from it and there’s effectively a promotion freeze because of the Hiro process, which is a nationwide pay restructuring in Universities bringing Academics and Support staff on the same pay scale. This has been going on for at least the time I’ve been at Manchester, two and a bit years,  but  didn’t stop my old boss going from being the IT Team Leader to a Senior Lecturer, even though he doesn’t do any teaching ! Oh yes he knows what side its best to be on. So I’m gearing up to change jobs. Could be next month could be after the summer. But definatly by this time next year I will be in a better paid more satisfiying job. Which now I’ve definatly decided to do it makes work a bit weird. Hoo hum.

Off to Centre Parcs for a much needed holiday with Rach next week and the week next I fly down to Southamption (cos its cheaper and quicker than the train) to go to Conception a RPG con for five days.

So very busy, but some where I’ve found a overwhelming sense of ease and confidence. Hurrah!!!

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