XMAS is over, on with the New Year

Well the XMAS decorations finally came down last Friday and I’m now back at work after just over two weeks off.

Last year ended the usual tired grind at work. While it was not as grim as previous years, indicating an increase in happiness baseline, it was the usual game of ‘hunt the motivation’ was played in the last week. Had a good work’s do, even though it was only three of us going out for curry and beer, the highlight being the giant inflatable snow globe with Santa and snowman in the curry house. I wanted a picture but my colleagues have too much dignity and class to posse grinning like loons infront of it like I wanted them too.

Then had a couple of days to prepare the house for the incoming of parents. I’ve finally tampered with my psychology so that I get as big a buzz cleaning up the house that I used to going out on a friday night getting wasted. Which is a good thing seeing as we have a big house these days. It was worth it though because I got to enjoy the clean house especially our living room which had a seven foot tall xmas tree in it!!!

Xmas itself was a vast improvement on last year since Rach was only working an early, so after a morning of films (watched the excellent The Departed ) we went round the in-laws for our traditional xmas lunch and present giving. I got mainly ‘grown – up -man’ presents this year, including a nice pair of slippers. Fortunately I had bought my self Delta Green Countdown (a huge background supplement for Modern day Call of Cthulhu) to keep my inner nerd happy.

Boxing day my ‘family’ xmas started with my dad arriving around lunch time. Had a walkout and ended up in the ‘Pleasant Inn’ across the road, and finally found out that it is indeed very pleasant and cheap (being a Sam Smith’s pub).  XMAS Tuesday went to the Blue Tiffin with Dad for a curry tea which was most nice.

With Dad going home wednesday, this left Thursday to refresh stocks and prepare the house for mums arrival (my parents are seperated), which as nice as Dad’s visit was it was much needed time alone.

Mum arrived Friday lunch time for four days of fun and frolics. Saturday saw us go into Manchester to visit the Art Museum, which I was pleasantly impressed by although mum, being a trained fine artist, was more critical. Sunday I had a couple of hours to myself as Rachel’s mum took my mum shopping. Monday we got together with the inlaws for lunch at the Spring Inn. Tuesday morning mum went home. Overall the visit was a success, but I think four days was a bit too much for everyone.

Wednesday was  a big slob day we’re I did the sum total of F-all.

Thursday was a big day for me and Rach since we went for the twenty week scan. This is the biggie since it tells you if the baby is what they coldly term ‘viable’. Which I’m pleased to say that the Newtlet is!! Its happily snug in the womb and I spent twenty minutes watching it wiggle and suck its thumb. Afterwards I got whisked away to Mothercare to make the first of our baby and mother purchases.

Friday was us and the in-laws went to buy the pram/buggy/car-seat combo that can only be described as an Assault Vehicle for the Newtlet. Its not a pram its meccano !!  Then mid afternoon escaped to met up with Steve and Stu for Stabcon.

A fine time was had at Stabcon indeed. Caught up with my new/old manchester friends, saw Mr Cruet and Rosie for the first time in yonks, and meet some new people as well. Played far too many good board games, eat well (although the curry on Friday was stronger than I usually have and had me in pain for a couple of hours after), ran a five hour game of HeroQuest (thus kicking off Living Pavis campaign yay!) and ended by playing six hours of Arkham Horror!!!

Sunday sneaked off home, sorted out the house and prepared for work.

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