I’m smiling in the rain….

Which is just as well since today wins the dullest day of the year award.

Fed up of feeling run down so started eating healthy and exercising again with a spot of Taichi/Dao Jin (Taoist breathing exercises) this morning. Back to the gym later this week when the last of the leg nastyness has finally cleared up (antibotics doing the work but leaving me with a jippy stomach).

Work going great guns with serveral deadlines looming and yet looking very acheviable…hoorah!!!

Final push on molad.org this week, hoping to have it up and going this weekend for user testing (ok nit picking from interested mates!). Decided on CMS Made Simple instead of Drupal as the CMS of choice, because it is much easier to work with and adapt. Don’t get me wrong Drupal is very good, and if I wanted to set up a self regulating community were every one is an content author of some sort, with its own rather simple forum, blog system and book creation section I would use it . However I’ve had to make to many comprimises to my set of requirements with Drupal, after a very promising start, so I’m dropping it. The crunch is that im using CMS Simple at work, I understand it theres a very active community that support it, and it actually does what it says out of the box. My only qibble is that I wasn’t so up on my php/css and Smarty (which I’ve had to learn for this) it would be a tad confusing to extend it. But the out of the box is good and there are scads of extensions, so this is only a very minor quibble.

Off home to do some writing on New Beginnings as Rach (aka PregZilla) is at work till 9.

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