Lo the weekend beckons!!!

Feeling much better now. Leg is beginning to return to normal size and I’m on a short course of antibiotics to clear it up 🙂

A quiet weekend of pootling round the house, and writing up rpg nonsense. Going to type up the notes I made about my upcoming MRQ game. Also my mind has turned to Unknown Armies and my Division X game, Le Carre meets UK political/social Satire with players being uk tv cops/characters like Reagan and Jonathan Creek. As well as converting an old (talking 99 here) scenario to the series I’ve also come up with an idea for a new game. I’m going to start putting these together with the aim of bunging them up on my website when I’m done.

Talking of websites all the the research I’ve been doing lately on opensource content management system for work is really beginning to pay off. 

The big winner is CMS Made Simple,  which does what it says on the tin, quickly and simply sets up a manageable site and is easy to extend if with user created modules and tags (since it uses the Smarty templating system). I’m already using this for my home site and for a project at work.

For the new Masters of Luck and Death (HeroQuest demo group I’m involved with) website I’m going to be using Drupal, another opensource cms, which much better for a  community website were registered users can add content. It has inbuilt blogs, story submissions, as well as page management. Although it does have its own inbuilt forum, I’ll be using Simple Machines Forum (a php bulletin board which blows phpBB out of the water imho) which is linked by a bridge to the mainsite (a piece of code which means user accounts are shared by both SMF and Drupal).

Looking forward to a nice productive weekend (must avoid playing Rome: Total War like the plague though)

Oh yes happy days are here again 😀

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